Trees That Cause Damage

Trees That Cause Damage

Trees are wonderful.. for the most part.  But sometimes we will find a tree that is actually causing damage to its immediate surroundings!  Now I’m not talking about the type of damage where you’re driving home late one night and a tree jumps in front of your car and you need a towing service or the jaws of life to separate your car from that tree.. I’m talking about those big old trees that have deep aggressive roots.  The types of trees that might have been planted too close to a structure, or vice versa, the structure was built too close to the existing old trees that were growing there.  Instead of removing a beautiful old tree, they chose to build their house right next to it.  The problem with this is that the roots are alive, and even though they might not seem like a threat at the time, after years go by those roots can affect the foundation, and actually damage the integrity of the house or building.   Roots will bore into many different types of materials, looking and searching for minerals, nutrients and soil.

An easy rule of thumb to keep in mind if you are planning to plant trees on your property,  make sure those trees don’t get big lateral roots.  (the kind that spread wide rather than deep)  And make sure you plant your trees at least 25-50 feet away from your house.  This will help prevent any chance of those roots reaching your foundation and creating any kind of damage.  You can also look into setting up a root barrier near any walkways, utilities or your house to keep those roots at bay.

Types of trees that tend to grow fast wide roots are:  elm trees, silver maple trees, and willow trees.   Better stick to planting the types of trees that grow more slowly such as sugar maple trees and good ol’ oak trees.  When in doubt consult an arborist of course.

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